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Yangtze River Cruise

By marksams, 03/10/2010 - 07:44

We spent 3 days on a river boat cruising down the Yangtze River. We travelled 1st class, but all that really meant was that Julie and I were the only people in our 2-berth. The trains seemed better, cleaner and warmer than the boat, but being on the water made a nice change to the tracks.

We departed from ChongQing, and as we headed towards Yichang the scenery got better and better as we entered the 'Three Gorges'.

At ChongQing we had walked around the visitor museum and learnt about the Three Gorges Project, a dam across the Yangtze to generate electricity and supply water to the north of China. We didn't see the dam, but all along the banks of the Yangtze you can see how the high-water line has been measured and marked out. The size of the project seemed impressive considering that whole towns and significant landmarks have been relocated above the new water line created by the dam. A few days later we arrived in Yichang, but instead of catching the train directly to Xi'an as planned, we took a 4+ hour car journey to Wuhan - that is another story...