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Work at Home Rights (WAH) under EES

By marksams, 01/10/2012 - 09:16

The work at home rights are a little confusing and there's definitely some improvements that could be made in the EES documentation, e.g. in the Microsoft EES FAQ it states:

"For no additional license cost, you can take advantage of faculty and staff Work At Home (WAH) rights for any of the application, system, and CAL products you order for organization use."

Whilst this maybe true for the actual license cost, the document doesn't provide specific guidance for the process to obtain the software or install applications for faculty and staff at home. You are definitely not allowed to use the Multiple Activation Key/MAK software distributed via the Volume Licensing Service Centre (VLSC)!

In order to obtain the software for Work at Home Rights (WAH), the school licensing administrator must visit the web site of e-academy, a 3rd party that administers the process on Microsoft's behalf.

Click here to visit the e-academy web site

At the bottom of the form you will be asked to supply the LAR name with your Microsoft agreement and enrollment numbers. LAR just refers to the reseller name (in our case SLA Performance Ltd) and of course there is no enrollment number for EES. Just enter the agreement number which begins with 'V', e.g. V12345678.

The e-academy will set up a private online store just for your school. Once they process your details from the form, they will contact you to suggest a verification method for your faculty and staff, e.g. only allow access to email addresses ending yourschool.org.

Once the private online store is enabled, your faculty and staff will be able to purchase and download their software. Download is the only option for UK customers.

When we enquired about Work at Home rights for Office 2010 we were told by the e-academy it would cost £6.15 per unit if each faculty/staff member pays individually. If the school/institution prepays they would sell each unit for £2-£2.50 per unit depending on the volume purchased. I guess these costs are to cover service/administration from the e-academy even though there is no additional license cost charged by Microsoft.

If you have any issues you can call the e-academy on 0800 098 8436 for technical support. Stephen Hubbard is the UK sales representative.

NOTE: Office 2010 is also available via the Home Use Program (HUP). Under HUP you can use the software for non-work purposes too. Office 2010 under the Home Use Program (HUP) is priced at £8.95 and can be ordered ad-hoc via http://www.microsofthup.com/hupuk/home.aspx?culture=en-GB . Prior to ordering you will need to activate the HUP benefit on your Microsoft eAgreement and follow the instructions to receive the specific HUP code for your school, which your staff will need to enter when ordering.

Be aware that in the EES FAQ it says ‘You are not permitted to provide licensed product with the same title to any individual faculty or staff member using both HUP and WAH’.

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