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Travel Lessons Learnt

By juliesams, 03/09/2010 - 07:26

Lesson 1, Safari
If you sit in the front seat of the jeep, remember to duck when you see a large cobweb spanning the road ahead. Huge spider on lap at 6am = wake up call.

Lesson 2, Hong Kong
Dumplings on the street stalls are served in baskets of 4. When asked if you would like one, answer yes please. Do not answer that you would like 4, else you will end up with 16 dumplings.

Lesson 3, China
Queuing politely, as only the British know how, means you will never get served.

Lesson 4, Yangtze boat trip
Just because the boat has been moored for more than 8 hours, or there is an announcement stuck on repeat at 7am, or there are incessant banging of drums serving as a wake up call, does not mean that you have arrived at your destination. In addition to this, just because a fellow Englishman says it is the final stop, does not mean it is. Do not exit the boat with all possessions and climb a lot of steps into the hillside unless you are really sure this is your destination.

Lesson 5, India
In India, you will catch ‘Delhi belly’ no matter how careful you think you have been. That’s why it’s named after Delhi, and not Tokyo, for example.

Lesson 6, Thailand
Lonely Planet guide information is usually out of date and the planet is certainly no longer lonely!

Lesson 7, Cambodia
Don't believe everything you read in guide books, travel blogs, forums etc. The journey from Bangkok to Siem Reap wasn't that bad at all!

Lesson 8, Cambodia:
Check, check and double check again what time the night bus leaves, and don’t believe the final answer you are given. You will miss the bus by 4 hours.