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By marksams, 01/07/2011 - 00:00

It was late on a Friday evening when we arrived into Salta, and we got our first impressions of Argentina. The bus station was typically crowded and we needed directions to the town centre. Julie asked a local, and we got a warm response.

We walked through a park area and then pedestrian shopping streets in the glow of the streetlights. Something was different here...it was the families and friends gathered all around, socialising, chatting and kissing each other as they met and parted. This was different to anything we'd seen before (except maybe BSB in Brunei), especially compared to the drunken crowd control in Chester on a Friday night.

The following few days, we soaked up the atmosphere, except between 1pm and 5pm and on Sundays when everything was just dead! Literally. We spent most our time walking around and frequenting cafes. One day we were lucky enough to catch a live band in the square, and dancing in the street. We also treated ourselves to a nice meal out one evening, (Mark tried an Argentinean steak) but completely unused to rich food, we both felt rough the following day.

From Salta we headed to Cordoba on an overnight bus. I'd recommend the 'Veloz Del Norte' company as they served great food and left me regretting the large pizza I ate just an hour earlier.