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By marksams, 04/17/2010 - 08:47

Osaka proved to be a good base for day trips.

Osaka-jo castle - set in a large central park with Cherry blossoms
Osaka by night - we walked through Dotunburi and America-Mura

- Very bright commercial lighting similar to Tokyo
- Setting for the film 'Black Rain' featuring Michael Douglas (great film that covers quite a few Japanese culture/language/food basics that you really appreciate once you've been!)
- America-Mura grown from american zippo & T-shirt trade since WW2

Osaka Aquarium - apparently one of the best in the world, and the most impressive fish tank I have seen with two whale sharks, a tiger shark, reef sharks and much more...9M deep, we walked around it on multiple levels.

Getting around
- We used Shin-Osaka as a base for sightseeing when not in Tokyo.
- Shinkansen train to/from Shin-Osaka/Tokyo (very good views of Mount Fuji en route). Picture of Julie below with the Shinkansen train.
- Local train, 5 minutes, from Shin-Osaka to Osaka.

Where we stayed
Station Hotel Annex - Near to the Shin-Osaka train station, we stayed here for six nights in total.