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Microsoft Core CAL Suite vs Enterprise CAL Suite

By marksams, 12/23/2015 - 13:17

This is an updated version (December 2015) of an EES-specific article regarding CAL Suite licensing that is published here.

Core CAL Suite

Since Microsoft introduced changes in August 2015, the Core CAL Suite is equivalent to the following licenses:

  • Windows Server CAL
  • SharePoint Server Standard CAL
  • Exchange Server Standard CAL
  • System Center Configuration Manager Client Management License
  • System Center Endpoint Protection
  • Skype for Business Server Standard CAL

Enterprise CAL Suite

The Enterprise CAL Suite is equivalent to the following licenses:

  • All of the components of the Core CAL Suite (listed above)
  • Exchange Server Enterprise CAL with Services*
  • Exchange Online with Archiving for Exchange Server
  • SharePoint Server Enterprise CAL
  • Skype for Business Server Enterprise CAL
  • Windows Server Active Directory Rights Management Services CAL
  • Advanced Threat Analytics

*Includes Data Loss Prevention and Exchange Online Protection

Specific notes regarding the August 2015 changes

  1. Lync has been rebranded to 'Skype for Business'
  2. Advanced Threat Analytics has been included with the Enterprise CAL Suite

Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)
Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) is a platform that helps Active Directory customers protect their data from advanced attacks by automatically learning, profiling and predicting entity (user, device, etc.) behavior. Using machine learning, it builds the Organizational Security Graph, a living, continuously-updated view of all of the people and machines accessing an organization’s Windows Server Active Directory (AD). This enables it to understand what normal behavior is and then to identify anomalies, so a company can quickly see suspicious behavior and take appropriate measures to help protect itself. Learn more about Advanced Threat Analytics...


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