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Katoomba & The Blue Mountains

By marksams, 10/11/2010 - 02:07

The Blue Mountains was recommended by a friend and the guidebook as "de-rigour for frazzled travellers and Sydneysiders alike". We were frazzled, but also on a relative high after a good run through Tasmania, Melbourne and Canberra. We had seen a different side to Australia than the East Coast, and liked it.

We took the Greyhound bus from Canberra into Sydney central station (4 hours) and then then jumped straight on a train to Katoomba (2 hours) in the Blue Mountains. Julie had found us a good hostel for only $50 per night with free internet. It was a single shared terminal, but enough to get by.

Unfortunately the glorious weather we arrived into gave way to clouds and showers. We caught up on ourselves on day one, relaxing at the hostel, planning New Zealand (which is now only days away), and reflecting on the last few weeks in our blog articles.

By now we were fairly well practiced at the routine; head to Coles budget supermarket for milk, fruit, bread, ham and cheese, and tinned tuna with pasta for dinner if stocks are low. These are the culinary delights of Australia for the budget traveller, second only to Subway or McDonalds of course. Will this continue in New Zealand? Who knows...

All stocked up for lunch, we headed out to see the mountains on day two . A short walk from our hostel through town, we passed by many lookout points, taking photos, and enjoying the nature trail in a peaceful atmosphere before arriving at the crowded Echo Point a couple of hours later. Full of short-term tourists and day trippers from Sydney visiting the commercialised 'ScenicWorld', we decided that was enough for the day and headed home.