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Karoona Crocodile Farm

By marksams, 09/08/2010 - 06:35

We took another 'tour', although this was more of an excursion run by our accommodation at Emu Park. It was the only way to access this remote farm without having your own transport.

The farm advertises the crocodile meat and skin products as much as being a tourist attraction in itself, which we found a little different to the norm. On arrival we started our crocodile experience with lunch...crocodile kebabs and chips! Not bad at all with a wedge of lemon. Would recommend, but not at a high price.

The owner took our small group around the farm, hand feeding the crocs some chicken parts over the fences as we walked. We passed two Johnson's River Crocodiles on our way to the large pens of Saltwater Crocodiles, or 'Salties' as they're known locally. Talking us through the story of each croc in his 'breeding stock', most of which were captured from the wild (including golf courses and livestock farms), he also gave us information about their habitat, movements and breeding behaviour. The size of some of the larger males was impressive.

After about an hour we gathered around the owner as he introduced us to 'Harley' a young and relatively harmless 'Saltie', and we all took it in turns to get up close and handle our first croc! Thanks to the owners for keeping this included in the admission price - quite rare for the East Coast.