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The Catlins

By juliesams, 12/02/2010 - 20:22

If I had to pick my favourite memory from New Zealand, it would have to be the three days that we spent in The Catlins on South Island.

For me, The Catlins provokes idyllic memories of the beaches we found that were all but deserted for the abundant wildlife that I have never had the opportunity to get close to back home.

From penguins to fur seals, and shags to sealions, watching these creatures brought a smile to my face everytime. The highlight was the day that we spent watching our very own nature film - David Attenborough style - with a beach full of Hookers Sealions, some sleeping, some playing, and some apparently participating in a mating game with two boys fighting over one girl. I could almost hear the commentary to the nature video as we watched it live from our front row position alongside them on the beach. What a show!