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Can I 'trade-in' my perpetual licenses for Microsoft Office when subscribing to EES?

By marksams, 01/14/2012 - 13:04

The answer is yes - assuming your existing Microsoft Office licenses are not more than two versions behind - Office 2003 is too old! So if you have Office 2007 or Office 2010 (Pro or Pro Plus), then you qualify for purchase of an ‘up to date’ license under EES which is 50% cheaper than normal. For quick reference the SKU number for this is 2FJ-00013 (approx. £8.30/year per FTE) instead of 2FJ-00005 (approx. £17.50/year per FTE). For those with Office 2003 it's not all bad news. The cost impact of a Microsoft Office upgrade is reduced by moving to EES as you will only need to purchase licenses according to your FTE count, which is normally much less than the number of perpetual licenses you already own - i.e. the upgrade will be cheaper because you need less licenses with EES. However, remember that EES is a yearly subscription - not a one-off cost! Try comparing the cost of new perpetual licenses (or do you have software assurance?) for each device vs. the cost of your EES subscription over a number of years and see which works out cheapest. See also EES vs Perpetual licensing - which is more cost-effective?