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Campervan Lifestyle

By marksams, 12/06/2010 - 02:47

Some people live out of a motor home permanently, others just their retirement. We tried it for two months, and loved it. Managing to completely wind-down from everything was possible even for us, who had left behind the stress of modern living in the western materialist/capitalist system a long time ago, and our mobile phones have not been switched on since I can remember.

We had a basic campervan with little or no facilities and required no external power source. This enforced much downtime from electricity and of course, internet....OK so I got a bit twitchy here and there being 'unproductive' and occasionally (lol) sought out an internet connection, but I did have some business to attend to in preparation for our return to the UK. Still this is beside the point, effectively everything (including travel blog/facebook updates etc) was on hold as we bumbled around fantastic countryside. This was as slow-paced and alternative as we've ever been, and we really enjoyed the intimacy of our little van which had become our world.

We drove many thousands of kilometres seeking out free or cheap places to stay, cooking simple meals on a gas stove (which folded out of the van) and washing whenever or wherever we really needed to, and as facilities allowed. For a long time, we favoured basic campsites with only a 'drop toilet' not only to save money, but because we were really enjoying getting away from it all. This lifestyle is perfect for those that enjoy nature, walking, beautiful countryside and the outdoors lifestyle, but very highly recommended here in any case as New Zealand (especially South Island) is just designed for it.