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1st place in Semi-Contact Kickboxing

By marksams, 11/16/2015 - 00:32

Semi-Contact KickBoxing

1st place?! Yes, after many hours of killing time (we arrived just before 10am) there was a couple of quick bursts of energy around 2.30pm to beat a guy that had travelled down from Edinburgh, and then another local lad in the final. The first match was closest - a backfist won it in the last few seconds to make the score 6-5. The final was a more convincing victory at 10-0. I fought as a 'green belt', which is classed as a junior category vs. the black belts. Check out the videos below for each fight...

Mark beats a lad from Edinburgh 6-5 with a backfist in the last few seconds of the fight:

Mark wins 1st place in the men's junior semi-contact final in Holywell. Nov 2015:

Light Contact KickBoxing

I also entered into the light contact/continuous fighting category which was more challenging. The competition was running late and by the time this got started at 6pm I wasn't at my best. Still, we all had to wait so there was no disadvantage. Regardless of ability/belt, the field was split to under or over 75KGs. I weighed in at 70.7KGs and ended up fighting more experienced guys than myself; unfortunately losing both my fights and narrowly missing out on a 3rd place finish. I was pleased with my performance but know I can do better next time. Videos for this category below...

Mark fights against a black belt & coach for the Edinburgh Assasins in the semi-final of the light contact under 75KG category:

The other fighter deserved to win this one, which left me in 4th place:



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